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CrashPlan PRO protection, fortified with IronGate.

CrashPlan PRO performance. IronGate service. Total peace of mind.

Your data is your business. Losing that data? Not an option. But even if you have a backup solution in place, you can't afford to lose hours or days while data is restored. You need data protection that is always on and always responsive. Enter IronGate and CrashPlan PRO.

At IronGate, we have chosen Code 42's CrashPlan PRO software platform as the backbone for our cost-effective data protection solutions. CrashPlan PRO offers flexibility across computing platforms, industry-leading reliability and intelligent monitoring and reporting features. Put simply, we believe CrashPlan offers our clients the best data protection in the business. No wonder we use it ourselves.

But, to get a data protection solution that really works for your organization, you need more than great software - you need a team that understands your needs and will design a backup solution that leaves your organization not just protected, but working better. Why work better? Because your data is always backed up and always accessible, even when on the road. And because there's always a friendly voice on the phone when you need help. That's peace of mind.

Whether you are an IT manager seeking a partner who can get your in-house project up and running (and service it after deployment) or a SME who is looking to outsource data protection as a cost-effective monthly service, we have you covered.

Until you have a chance to call us yourself, please take a moment to read what we've been able to do for others.

Note to MSPs & Resellers: Drawing from our years of CrashPlan PRO and service provider experience, IronGate, in partnership with Background Backup Inc., now offers organizations the opportunity to launch their own managed backup business on the fast track, leveraging our lessons learned and our resource library. Our SmartStart" program combines dedicated 1:1 planning and consulting time, business model definition assistance and all the help required to setup and launch your CrashPlan PRO-based operation. Also available for service providers is access to Billings4Backup, the premiere CrashPlan PRO reporting, alerting and auto-invoicing system for any CrashPlan PRO server accessible via the public internet.

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